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Low Frequency Transmitters PNT
  The PNT-NPR system for tracking and tracing of cleaning PIGs inside pipelines / El sistema PNT-NPR de localizacion y rastreo de diablos de limpieza de interior de tuberias

PNT transmitter is a generator of low-frequency (22 Hz) electromagnetic signals that pass through metallic and concrete walls, as well as through a layer of soil or water. The transmitter is usually mounted on a PIG which can be used either for cleaning or for inspection of a pipeline.

The PIG is moving in the pipeline with the flow of transported medium (gas, oil, water, etc.). Position of the PIG equipped by the transmitter is determined with help of a low-frequency receiver (locator).

Thanks to internal power supply (conventional alkaline batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH or Li-Ion batteries) the transmitter works for a very long time: from six days to up to two months, depending on the model of PNT transmitter and selected emission mode.

Transmitter make it possible to detect location of a stalled PIG. Also it enables to track a PIG when it moves along the pipeline.


Transmitters PNT are designed for installation on utility or smart in-line PIGs for pipelines with diameter from 75 mm to 1600 mm (3" to 60") or even more.

Instead of transmitter PNT-00 in utility PIG or smart inspection PIG one can install transceiver (transmitter-receiver) PPNT-00, which work can be controlled via 22 Hz signals passed through closed metallic or reinforced concrete walls.


Transmitter PNT-00 with battery LR20 (D) / Transmisor electromagnetico PNT-00

For pipelines
with a diameter
from 200 to 1600 mm
(8 to 60 inches).

More details pdf


Transmitter PNT-04 with battery LR6 (AA) / Transmisor electromagnetico PNT-04

For pipelines
with a diameter
from 150 to 300 mm
(6 to 12 inches).

More details pdf


Transmiter PNT-06 with battery LR3 (AAA) / Transmisor electromagnetico PNT-06

For pipelines
with a diameter
from 100 to 250 mm
(4 to 10 inches).

More details pdf


Transmiter PNT-08 with battery LR3 (AAA) / Transmisor electromagnetico PNT-08

For pipelines
with a diameter
from 75 to 200 mm
(3 to 8 inches).

More details pdf

Upon customer request PNT transmitter can be equipped with installation flanges or other means for fixing it to a PIGs of any design, as well as in all-polyurethane-casted PIGs.

More details about transmitter mount

Transmitters PNT can be mounted in all-urethane PIGs and bi-directional PIGs which can be launched into pipeline and then received through the three-way-ball pigging valves which are present currently in the market.

Possibility to choose apropriate PNT transmitter from the wide range of standard modifications allows to provide the following possibilities for the PIGs to path through restrictions and bends in the oil and gas pipelines with diameter from 75 mm to 1600 mm (3 to 60 inches):

  • narrowings - from 65%D
  • pipe minimum bend radius - from R=1.0xD,

where D is the nominal (outer) pipe diameter.

And for any PIG with the transmitter PNT it will granted one of the best option as for the detection range and also for the battery life.

Information about proper installation of any transmitter inside smart or utility PIG with metallic or non-metallic body (housing) can be read here.

Dimentions of PNT-00 and flanges

Transmitter PNT-04 with attachement flanges

Transmitter PNT-06 with protective basket (bumper)

-08   10    .

PNT-00 in utility PIG 30 inches (750mm)PNT-04 inside utility PIG 6 inches (150mm)



PNT transmitters were certified in NANIO CCVE, which is Russian leading Certification Center accepted in the International IEC Program.

According to the Certificate the PNT transmitters can be used in hazardous areas (industrial premises and outdoor facilities) where the formation of explosive mixtures of category IIB and temperature group T5 is possible. The certification was conducted in accordance with the following International Standards and Russian regulatory documents:

Low-frequency transmitter PNT. Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union TR CU 012/2011 (Ex-certificate) safety of equipment for use in explosive environments.
  • IEC 60079-1-98 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 1. Flameproof enclosures d.
  • IEC 60079-10-95 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Part 10. Classification of hazardous areas.
  • IEC 60079-14-96 Explosionprotected electrical apparatus. Part 14. Electrical installations in explosive gas atmospheres (other than mines).
  • GOST Occupation safety standards system. Electrical equipment. General safety requirements.
  • GOST 22782.3-77 Explosion proof electrical apparatus. Special construction. Technical requirements and methods of testing.
  • IEC 529-89 Degrees of protection provided by enciosures (IP Code) .
  • and other normative documents regulating the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Transmitters PNT have explosion protection label 0ExdsIIBT5.

Transmitters Ingress Protection level is IP68 according to IEC 529-89 at pressure 120 atmospheres (1760 PSI).

Sign Ex (explosion-proof). Special mark of explosion proof equipment which can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Sign EAC. Certificate the conformity of equipment to the technical regulations of Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Sign RST. GOST R conformity


Certificate of Compliance for low frequency transmitter PNT issued by the Certification Centre TEKSERT in State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin.


Certification of PNT transmitters in accordance with GOST R standards was accomplished in 2007.

Since 2012 PNT transmitters are listed in the Register of technical devices, recommended for use in enterprises of fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation.

In 2013 for transmitters PNT Certificate 012/2011 On safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres was obtained. This certificate of conformity to the technical regulations of Customs Union is a document certifying the conformity of the transmitters to the set of technical international regulatory documents and allowing use of certified products. On the territory of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan transmitters PNT can be used without any additional assessments or evaluation procedures from any national safety regulation body.

Logo of nonprofit autonomous research organization

Logo of Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin

Logo of TEKSERT Voluntary Certification System of Russian fuel and energy complex, established in State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin in accordance with Art. 21 of the Russian Federal Law of 27.12.2002  184-FZ


During the factory acceptance tests and before shipping to a Customer all transmitters PNT are pressurized (i.e. tested at maximum allowable pressure). Transmitters PNT-08 and PNT-06 are pressurized at 120 BAR i.e. 12 MPa (in some cases 150 BAR or 15 MPa). Transmitters PNT-04 are pressurized at 150 BAR (200 BAR). And transmitters PNT-00 are pressurized at 200 (in some cases 300 BAR). The pressure depends on the pipeline, where particular transmitter is going to be used. It is usually chosen at least 30% more than the maximum allowed working pressure in the pipeline.

In these factory tests activated transmitter PNT is placed in a lab pressure chamber that is filled with water. Then the pressure in the chamber is lifted to a predetermined value which is monitored with a manometer. The transmitter is kept at this pressure for 3 minutes. Then the pressure is dropped to zero as quickly as possible (not more than 1 second). It models the quick decompression in the receiving chamber of an oil pipeline. The cycle is repeated 3 times. Thereafter, the transmitter is maintained at a predetermined pressure for 2 hours.

The quality of PNT transmitters during the test is controlled by the low-frequency receiver NPR-00, which is located at a distance of 1.5 m from the pressure chamber and registers the presence of a signal at 22 Hz frequency from the tested transmitter as well as the power of the signal. The light and sound indication of the signal received by NPR-00 is monitored and analysed. Only transmitters which passed the test without any remarks, go to the Customer. Any transmitter PNT, which signal interrupts or weakens during at least one of the tests is rejected and disassembled to determine the causes of the failure. All seldom failure cases in the tests were carefully analysed for futher improvements of the transmitters' electronics, mechanics and on-board software.

Transmitters PNT are mass-produced according to Technical Conditions TU 4276-001-96335610-2007.

We give warranty of 12 months for all transmitters PNT. After 12 months period we will perform any repair of any sold previously transmitter after customer request.


Transmitters PNT are equipped with LED indication, which lets the operator to receive visual feedback about particular emission mode of the transmitter and what is residual life of batteries for work in this mode.

PNT Transmitter can be remotely turned on and off without removing from a PIG. If for example for a specific work an operator needs maximum detection range then using remote control it is possible to switch emission mode to continuous with doubled power (see signal #4 below).

Also remotely one of the following four modes of emission can be selected:

  1. batches,
  2. continuously,
  3. batches with doubled power,
  4. continuously with doubled power.

By default (after batteries replacement) the transmitter starts to emit in batch mode (1). In this mode, the battery life of the transmitter is maximum.

Remote power ON/OFF of the transmitter, switching between emission modes, dependence of battery life time and detection distance for each emission mode as well as other important information are described in details in the User Manual which is included into delivery set. The Manual is written in English and Russian.

Short video instructions for the transmitters PNT and locators NPR use is published in YouTube. Upon Customer's request a DVD with this video can be delivered with each batch of devices.

Transmitter PNT-04 with remote control and AA batteries

Immediately after installation of batteries the transmitter PNT runs in the emission mode "packs". For greater convenience and take full advantage of transmitters PNT, the delivery package comes with a compact remote control.

The remote control allows to switch ON/OFF the transmitter and to change transmitter's emission mode without opening the transmitter housing and while PNT transmitter remained installed on a PIG.

In the video instructions an infrared transmitter (built-in into standard locator NPR-00) is used for this purpose instead of separate remote control.


Batteries for PNT transmitters

PNT board with electronics

Widely used alkaline batteries (manufactured by DURACELL, Energizer, etc.) are usually used as power supply for PNT transmitters. Batteries are easily replaced.

Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries of corresponding size with a voltage 1.2V can also be used in PNT transmitters as well as lithium batteries (such as Energizer, Ultimate Lithium) with a voltage of 1.5V. This way reliable work of transmitter can be ensured at extreem cold temperatures of up to minus 40C.

Verified schematic solutions and and materials with unique properties are incorporated in the transmitters PNT. They use extended range of supply voltage. Also thoughtful decisions were applied in the internal configuration. As a result, the transmitters PNT have long battery life and good detection range be locator.

PNT transmitters are designed for work during many years, requiring only periodical replacement of batteries.


PNT-01 transmitter with telemetry unit and connection with a computer via Bluetooth was developed on the basis of the standard transmitter PNT-00. The telemetry module allows to process and analyze on personal computer the information about linear and angular accelerations on XYZ axes that experienced a PIG with transmitter PNT-01 when moving through the pipeline.

Transmitters PNT with an external control and power supply were developed in consultation with Customers for installation of the transmitters on inspection (smart) PIGs.

One can order also transceivers PPNT-00.

Transmitters PNT functional at pressures much higher than 12 MPa (stated in 2007 during certification). For example, by this link one can watch a video about testing standard PNT-00 at pressure 30 MPa..

PNT-01 transmitter with telemetry module and connection with a computer via Bluetooth View of PNT-01 records processing program

Transmitter PNT-00-VP with external power for smart in-line PIGs


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