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Our Production for Pigging and Inspections of Pipelines

In-line PIGs for cleaning, batching and dewatering of pipelines. / Diablos de limpieza interior de tuberias Cleaning and batching

APRODIT offers four types of PNT transmitters which are compact and and powerful  magnetic pulsers for use with pig passage indicator NPR. / APRODIT ofrece cuatro transmisores de pulsos magneticos PNT compactos y de gran alcance para su uso con el Indicador NPR de paso de diablo. Low-frequency

Mounted on any inline inspection or utility PIG, the RDT-00 data logger can measure and record temperature profiles, detect and locate restrictions or deposits, monitor pig behavior, assess cleaning progress and its effectiveness, as well as to verify operational pipeline conditions whilst the run is performed.  / Montado en cualquier diablos de limpieza, el registrador de datos RDT-00 puede medir y perfiles de temperatura record, detectar y localizar restricciones o depositos, monitorear el comportamiento del cerdo, evaluar la limpieza de los avances y su eficacia, asi como para verificar las condiciones de ductos operacionales, mientras  limpieza de ductos. Data Logger
for Pipelines

Multi channel pipeline geometry monitoring pig PVM is used in pipelines under operation to identify any reductions in diameter or other geometric anomalies that may have occurred during the life of this pipeline. / Diablos de ductos geometrico PVM para monitoreo geometrico de ductos en operacion y para identificar cualquier reduccion de diametro u otro tipo de anomalia geometrica que pueda haber ocurrido durante la vida util de la linea. Multi Channel Form-measuring (Geometry Inspection) PIGs

Trackers and detectors NPR clearly indicate the approach and passage of an in-line Pig that is equipped with an electromagnetic pulsing transmitter PNT or permanent magnet. / Rastreadores y localizadores NPR nos indica claramente el acercamiento y el paso del diablo que este equipado con algun transmisor PNT de pulsos electromagneticos o iman permanente.
Location & Tracking
Low-frequency Receivers

Acoustic amplifier LKA-00 allows the operator to listen very faint sounds at great distances, and it can amplify the sound of a cleaning PIG when it approaches and hit circumferential welds in the pipeline making distinctive sounds, so that under normal conditions, the cleaning PIG approach can be heard from several kilometers away. / Amplificador acustica LKA-00 permite al operador escuchar sonidos muy tenues a grandes distancias, puede amplificar el sonido de un equipo de limpieza cuando se aproxima y golpea las soldaduras de la tuberia logrando discriminar cualquier otro sonido, y en circunstancias normales, el equipo de limpieza puede ser oido acercarse desde varios kilometros de distancia.

Spare parts and accessories for cleaning pigs (seal and guide discs and conical cups) are made from polyurethane of the highest quality with different Shore A hardness. / Refacciones y accesorios para diablos de limpieza (los discos sello y guia asi como copa conica) estan fabricados a partir de poliuretano de la mas alta calidad con diferente Shore A dureza.
Spare Parts
for In-line PIGs

OEM Parts for In-line Inspection PIGs
OEM Parts
for In-line Inspection PIGs

Non-standard equipment development
Non-standard equipment development