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Pressure and Temperature Recorders RDT for Pipelines

Data logger RTD-00 for pipelines / Herramienta para la medicion de las condiciones de ductos

Data Logger RTD-00 and Transmitter PNT-00 inside in-line PIG USO-323

Typical graph of the pressure and the pressure drop on the PIG recorded by RTD-00 in oil pipeline

Pipeline data loggers of RDT series were designed to be installed on in-line utility PIGs. RDT registers changes of pressure and temperature as well as accelerations and shocks while the PIG is moving inside a pipeline. This device also registers pressure difference in front of the PIG and behind it.

RDT can be used in natural and industrial gas, oil, petroleum products, multiphase media (gas + liquid) and water (including salty sea water)

Low-frequency transmitter can be installed on the PIG simultaneously with RDT data logger. The transmitter makes it possible to track the PIG while it is moving inside the pipeline or to find the PIG if it stops inside the pipeline with use of low-frequency locator.

Before installation on a PIG the data logger RDT ought to be connected via USB cable to a computer. User can specify the data storage time interval in the range from 1/128-th of a second up to 1 time per 32 seconds.

After running through the pipeline RDT is again connected to a computer and information from the internal memory is copied to the computer. For the analysis of the recorded data (graphs of pressure, differential pressure, temperature, accelerations) specialized software is used.

This software enables to plot the data vs. time or vs. distance. That is the X-axis on the graphs can be either time is seconds or distance from the launching chamber in meters. This recalculation from time to distance could be accurately done not only for fluid media (oil, water, etc.) but also for gaseous media (gas or air) based on more sophisticated mathematical model and regardless that the speed of any PIG moving in long gas pipeline increases nonlinearly towards the end of the run.

Moreover in this software it is possible to load in one window and compare the graphs of pressure or temperature from different runs (performed in different time) vs. distance from lunching chamber.

Such analysis gives possibility to evaluate the rate of debris, scale or wax deposition on the walls of the pipeline. So it is possible to figure out the optimal time period for pipeline cleaning by the PIGs.



RDT-00 has a sealed cylindrical metallic housing with length of 131 mm and 94mm diameter flange for fixing the device on or in a PIG. In the rear of the housing there is a pressure sensor with LED indicator of work mode. In front of the housing there are: removable battery cover and USB-jack cover. Module of electronics consisting of several boards is located within the housing. The electronics module is connected to the pressure and temperature sensors located in the housing.

One lithium battery of LR20 (D) size with voltage 3.6V is used in RDT-00. It provides autonomous work time up to 600 hours, simplicity of replacement, as well as performance in a wide temperature range.

Data logger RDT-00 has the following sensors: sensor wich measures pressure in front of the PIG; another sensor for measuring pressure behind the PIG; temperature sensor in housing; temperature sensor inside electronics module; 3D accelerations sensor.


Absolute pressure of the operating environment - up to 30 MPa. Accuracy of absolute pressure measurement ± 0.1 MPa. Pressure difference before and after the PIG (relative pressure) - up to 0.5 MPa. Accuracy of relative pressure measurement ± 0.02 MPa. Temperature measuring range -40°C ... +80°C. Temperature measurement accuracy ± 1°C. Internal precision clock drift (in the operating temperature range) - not more than 1 second per day. Power source: one Li-SOCI2 3,6B LR20 (D) battery. Recommended batteries: ROBITON ER34615 or MINAMOTO ER34615 or SAFT LS 33600. Maximum operating time - up to 600 hours. Dimensions, diameter 94 mm, lenght 131 mm. Weight (with battery installed) 3 kg. Ingress protection according to IEC 529-89 (GOST 14254-96) is IPX8. Lifetime - 6 years.


Data loggers RDT-00 were certified for work in the most hazardous environment by Certification Center “TehnoProgress”. The device complies with and has certificate TR TS 012/2011 thanks to  implementation of the requirements from the following international documents for electrical equipment for hazardous areas:

Ex-certificate TR TS 012/2011 for Data Logger RDT-00
  • IEC 60079-0: 1998 (GOST 30852.0-2002)
  • IEC 60019-18: 1999 (GOST 30852.17-2002)
  • IEC 60079-11: 1999 (GOST 30852.10-2002)
  • IEC 529-89 (GOST 14254-96)
  • and other normative documents regulating the use of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

RDT-00 have explosion protection label 0Ex ma ia IIB T5 Ga

Ingress Protection of RDT-00 is IPX8 at pressure of 300 bar according to IEC 529-89.


Знак Ex. Специальный знак взрывобезопасности оборудования для работы во взрывоопасных средах (Explosion-proof).

Знак ЕАС. Сертификат соответствия Таможенного союза


Before delivery to the customers RDT-00 are pressurized and calibrated at pressure 0..20 MPa in the temperature range -20C ... +60C.

Data Loggers RDT-00 are produced according to TU 4276-001-96335610-2015.

The warranty of the manufacturer is 12 months. Service life of the device is 6 years.


Manufacturer: APRODIT Ltd.
140402, Russia, Moscow region, Kolomna, Okskiy prospect 40.
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