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Aprodit Ltd.
Russia, Moscow Region,
Kolomna, Oksky prospect, 40
+7 (999) 845-19-75 (English)

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Welcome to APRODIT new site!

Since 2006 Russian company APRODIT has been developing and manufacturing wide range of devices and equipment used for inspections, pigging and repairs of oil, gas and water pipelines.
We manufacture only high-quality equipment. And our main market have been in Russia. Now we are proud to offer our equipment world wide at prices which are lower than you used to.
In the time of low oil prices it is important to keep all expenses connected with the transportation via pipelines at the lowest level. With our equipment there is possibility to reduce the cost of pigging and inspections without taking any additional risk.

Our devices and in-line PIGs have been developed in cooperation with and on request of major Russian holdings which use huge nets of pipelines. Our devices were checked and perfected after thousands of runs through hundreds of different pipelines. All equipment have passed all necessary certifications to be safe for use in hazardous environment and inside pipelines with very different characteristics and conditions.
Currently we mass-produce the following equipment:

  • Low frequency (22Hz) electromagnetic transmitters PNT;
  • Electromagnetic receivers NPR (22 Hz and magnetic field);
  • Acoustic amplifiers LKA (also reffered as geophones) ;
  • Cleaning, batching, dewatering, etc. PIGs of USO and SKT lines with different designs and characteristics;
  • Data Loggers RDT which record temperature and pressure along the pipeline being attached to any PIG.

  • For the most demanded devices we keep some reserves available in our storehouse for fast delivery. According to requests and orders from companies performing inspections, cleaning and repairs of pipelines we also manufacture:

    • Multi-channel form-measuring (geometry) PIGs;
    • Equipment for inspections in off-shore pipelines;
    • Different units and systems for smart in-line PIGs.

    We participate in various R&D projects for Russian oil&gas companies and holdings. Soin each project we perform some research then develop and finally manufacture various non-standard equipment connected with service if pipelines. Since the beginning we have been developing the equipment for different companies with different requirements. After thoughtful analysis, standardization and unification some of these equipment became our regular production.

    We also can propose the service of conducting geometry inspection or pigging of a pipeline providing that our devices and equipment will be used.